"Assume the best in people. Build relationships. Let fairness and equity be your guide."

  • Lowered property tax rate while increasing the commercial tax base
  • Improved infrastructure and roadways to meet the fast-growing population needs
  • Helped to provide pro bono services to military, veterans and their families
  • Created an Equity Commision so voices of all citizens are considered and heard

My name is Rudy Metayer and it has been my honor to serve Pflugerville as a City Council member since 2017. The work I’m most proud of has been in support of my community, my faith, and my family. Together, we’ve worked hard to keep Pflugerville growing, safe, and ahead of the curve.

I grew up in a rural, North Texas town, where I learned the value of fairness, teamwork, friendship, and serving our community.

I’ve brought that ethos into my service on the City Council and we’ve shown in Pflugerville that doing good does not require strict agreement, but rather a willingness to engage and find where interests overlap. I really appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself and, hopefully, inspire you to join our effort.

I am running for re-election because this time calls for all of us to recommit to ensuring all Central Texans are positioned to benefit from our region’s still strong potential. That all voices are welcome and will help guide us to a stronger future. That all citizens and towns have a stake in delivering solutions to the challenges we face.

Pflugerville is growing and these are uncertain times. Now, more than ever, we must work to meet the current crisis while building a safe and sound future for our kids.

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